Construction Services

  1. Consulting: Development and construction are increasingly complex activities. Consulting an experienced advisor on issues that arise during the construction phase of a project is an option that allows our clients to effectively identify potential sources of liability and  problems that could disrupt or delay the project.
  2. Negotiations: Our knowledge of construction and how the industry works allows us to provide real insight in connection with each party’s rights and responsibilities before, during, and after the construction phase. We will identify and address budget, timing, design, and construction issues.
  3. Contract preparation & review: We develop each contract to match the client’s needs, make the rights and responsibilities of all parties clear and assure that all material concerns are addressed to help prevent disputes and costly litigation. We review contracts drafted by other firms, contractors or design professionals and negotiate favorable contract terms on behalf of our client.
  4. Dispute resolution: Although Our goal is to prevent litigation altogether by drafting contracts to address potential disputes and to eliminate ambiguities, there may be disagreements about the scope or cost of work, allocations of responsibility and the meaning of even the most carefully drafted contract provisions. If disputes arise, we strive to resolve the problem efficient, timely and cost-effective so that your project can keep moving forward. If litigation or some form of alternative dispute resolution is required during or at the conclusion of construction, we strive to minimize costs and resolve the matter as quickly and favorably as possible.
  5. Mechanic’s Liens: We provide assistance with all aspects of mechanic’s liens. We assist owners in advising them of their rights and available remedies when a Mechanic’s lien is filed, help owners and contractors remove liens, and draft partial and final waivers of lien and releases. Alternatively, on behalf of contractors and subcontractors we prepare and file the lien(s) with the appropriate court or agency and assist with the discharge, bonding, foreclosure, and filing satisfaction notices to remove liens.
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