Real Estate

Our Firm is committed to assisting buyers and sellers with the purchase or sale of their co-ops, condos, single or multi-family homes, and commercial or industrial transactions. Curtis R. Morrison, Esq. will personally review, negotiate, and edit the Contract of Sale and the Rider to make sure it fits the client’s needs and will resolve any issues (including issues of repair, termite damage, etc.) prior to closing. We will correspond with the buyer/seller attorney, title company, mortgage company, prepare for closing, including obtaining necessary title work, review of mortgage commitment and title commitment, and provide representation at closing. Our closing fees are extremely competitive and we provide the level of service you deserve.

Investing in real estate through an IRA-Self Directed IRA

Self- Directed IRA A Self Directed IRA is an IRA account which you directly control and direct into investments of your choosing.  Investment Real Estate is one of the more popular options for using a Self-Directed IRA, otherwise known as a Checkbook IRA, Real Estate IRA or Self Directed IRA LLC. The self- directed IRA allows you [...]
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Foreclosure Alternatives

Short Sale and Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure A short sale is an agreement by the note holder or mortgage servicer to release the lien on the property and allow it to be sold to a third party free and clear of the lien. A deed in lieu of foreclosure is when the Note Holder [...]
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Mortgage Modifications

Home Mortgage Modification: If you can no longer afford to make your monthly loan payments, you may qualify for a loan modification to make your monthly mortgage payment more affordable. Borrowers who are current, but having difficulty making their payments and borrowers who have already missed one or more payments may be eligible.  The Making [...]
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Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense: Part of our practices is defending clients against foreclosure actions.  There are cases where defenses to the foreclosure may be available.  These defenses include, Standing, Truth in Lending, Fraud, Rescission. Unfortunately, the reality is that for most people, chances of ultimately succeeding in defending a foreclosure is low. However, the practical result of [...]
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